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Getting to know your neighbours better and helping to develop an inviting and friendly neighbourhood.



Neighbours Day is an event organized and put on by residents, with encouragement from the municipality and local organizations*.


Key Players

The residents. They are the heart of the event and it is up to them to take the initiative to organize a celebration with their neighbours. 


Supporting Cast

The municipalities and local organizations. They promote it and encourage residents to organize celebrations.


Spirit of the Event

Simplicity and friendliness.



Gather around over a drink or a simple meal with everyone contributing something.



In the street, the lane, the local park, your backyard, your building’s common area or yard. Anywhere at all will do fine. 



The second Saturday in June.


Local Organizations

Apart from the municipalities, all interested local organizations are invited to promote Neighbours Day: municipal housing offices, neighbourhood roundtables, recreation centres, family organizations, etc. Register, order the materials and become relays for Neighbours Day!



Promote and support the sustainable development of healthy communities and improve the quality of life residents.


8 juin

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