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It’s a go? Your municipality has decided to participate in the good neighbours movement? Excellent!

Your Role

The role of the municipalities and local organizations is to promote the event in order to encourage residents to organize a celebration with their immediate neighbours. The objective is for several celebrations to take place in your municipality on the first Saturday in June.Please note: residents who are unable to hold an event on that day can plan one for another date.

Our Role

As support for your local actions and in collaboration with our Neighbours Day partners, conduct a national mobilization campaign using television, radio and the media. Marie-Lise Pilote, spokesperson for the event, will be going everywhere to encourage as many Quebeckers as possible to participate.

With friendly neighbourhoods, we get dynamic and healthy communities.

Getting residents to know their neighbours and to help each other out, this is the first step towards involvement in their community.

Promote and support the sustainable development of healthy communities and improve the quality of life residents.


8 juin

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