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Our Neighbours Day was a great success! Twenty or so people showed up to chit chat with us, including some seniors. It was a very friendly event! And we found someone to host it next year!
Sylvie Ricard, Québec City

Thank you for the sweaters and balloons we won and that we drew among the participants. We had a super Neighbours Day. It was a great atmosphere with people ranging in age from 2 weeks to 83 years of age! The people were happy to get together and to get to know one another! Thank you for making this event a reality!
Chloé, St-Pacôme

Our condo building is like a small village. There are 200 of us living here. The condo building has been up for two years, but we have never had an opportunity to get to know one another and socialize together.
A Montréal resident

More than 60 neighbours participated. The children played and drew pictures in the street. Everyone brought something to eat and drink and carried a smile. It was simple and easy! What a great day!
Christine Burnside, Gatineau

Account of a Celebration in Saint-Donat
The celebration was a clear success. Many neighbours came. Many new acquaintances were made. The summer residents and permanent residents got to know one another. The people enjoyed it so much that they suggested getting together again for a corn boil at the end of the summer. Everyone congratulated the initiative! The neighbours really got it that this was a community celebration and that everyone was in some way "responsible" for it. In short, it is a very good idea to encourage residents in Quebec to get together for such events. This morning, we’re all thinking that our neighbourhood life has been transformed somewhat! Certainly do not hesitate in promoting Neighbours Day. For our part, we have promised each other to do it again next year and to discuss it with our municipality!
Dominic Roy and his co-organizers


Our low-cost housing complex (LCH) for seniors decided to invite LCH families and surrounding residents so we could get to know one another. Even though we’re seniors, we can sill get together with families and children and create bonds.
A Resident in Lévis

We had a great Neighbours Day event on Patenaude Street in Ste-Cécile-de-Milton. I want to thank the Réseau québécois de Villes et Villages en santé for this initiative. I was lucky enough to win some t-shirts and balloons and we really appreciated them. There were more than 20 of us there, neighbours and children having a good time. We had a great party thanks to everyone’s contribution.

Thank you… and see you next year!
Caroline Lauzier and Tony Fillion


Our Neighbours Day celebration was a great success! We want to thank the mayor and the organizing committee for this celebration, which emphasizes the importance of helping each other out and creating solidarity among neighbours.
Ruth and Cathy Grandmaison, Paroisse de Senneterre

We closed to street from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.: On the program: garage sale, games for children and adults, a buffet. Several residents from other streets came and they said they would do the same thing again next year. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to know our neighbours a little better!
Geneviève Michaud


Neighbours Day helped in bringing people closer together. People now say hello to each other when they meet in the street, they feel less isolated. It has opened people’s eyes and has encouraged them to participate in other activities. A barrier has been torn down and distrust and indifference has evaporated. Some people organized a street hockey tournament last winter after we had a Neighbours Day; two women pooled their efforts together after they both independently had the urge to organize a Neighbours Day in the same neighbourhood.
Paul-Antoine Martel

Organizer for Rural and Community Living in Val d’Or

My spouse and I hosted a hot dog supper in our yard. People really liked it and had a good time. Now when we see each other in the street, we will have something more to bring us together. Thank you for the t-shirts and balloons, it really added to the spirit of celebration.
Monique Bourgoin, St-Pacôme

We had around 150 people, young and old, and they all enjoyed themselves until about midnight with guitars around the fire. The children had fun playing on the inflatable play structures. We had a friendship fire that evening with the Gatineau firefighters in attendance. The group Sa-Cha, professionals from the neighbourhood, took care of the music. We look forward to repeating this activity next year. We had a lot of fun with a lot of good people!
Marc Carrière, Gatineau

We had two families hand out the invitation cards two weeks before the event to be held in the Parc des artisans with their respective games and picnic gear. It was a great Neighbours Day! And we plan on doing it again next year!
A resident of St-Basile-le-Grand

We had the municipal firefighters there along with the community television station and we had singers and musicians among the neighbours. What a memorable day. Thank and I look forward to doing it again next year!
Marie-France Roberge

Lac Beauport

Our first Neighbours Days was a great success. We will certainly do it again next year. A few neighbours called to tell us they would not be able to come for various reasons. It was a good idea to promote this celebration.
Monette Dion, Cap Chat

Account of a Celebration in Lac-Etchemin

The neighbours arrived as agreed around 2:00 p.m. There was a lot of chatting and it was a real party atmosphere. The punch prepared by Steven made the presentations easier and simplified exchanges with the neighbours we did not know very well, until then. Lucette hosted the competitions for the younger ones and the "horseshoe" tournament was a great success. At supper time, the rain forced everyone together under one tent, loaned by Jacques, and there we go to eat the buffet brought in by Daphnée and Raphaëlle. The moment the last bite was taken, the good weather returned and the "horseshoe" tournament started up again. While this was going on, Martin and François set up the camp fire and the fireworks. For the others, there was nothing better than an after-dinner drink around the fire, set up on the lake’s edge. Once the horseshoe tournament was finished, the prizes purchased by Monique and Lucette were handed out along with the gift certificate from the local grocery store. Around 12:30, we finished off the evening singing songs with Jean and Sylvain. We left already thinking of next year and wondering what we could do to improve this celebration that everyone enjoyed so much. Life will never be the same on Dallaire Street. Our neighbours have become friends! Can’t wait for next year!
Danny Fournier, Lac-Etchemin

Our celebration was organized in the yard of an eight-unit senior citizens complex. Some of the people knew each other and already were friends, but not everyone. I made lemonade for everyone, inviting those interested to bring something to snack on. Almost all of the building’s residents responded to the invitation. The celebration began at 2:00 p.m. and finished around 4:00 p.m. To be honest, I did not think it would last that long. It was a good idea and we should do it more often. The neighbours that were further away said they would be the ones to organize a celebration next year.
Lucile Grégoire, Sayabec

The people gathered around a BBQ, music on CDs with Quebec songs. Some of the young people played soccer. The teenagers, guided by adults, were the ones who organized the event, set up the tables and cooked the hotdogs. That evening, we made a campfire and people told stories and funny anecdotes.
A resident of Lac-Mégantic

This great Neighbours Day celebration allowed us to create friendships and easily resolve issues of untied dogs, with no fear of causing any friction with our neighbours. Honestly, since last year, I do not see my neighbours in the same way!
Julie Chouinard, Val d’Or

I think this is a great way to increase our feeling of belonging to a city. Congratulations
Nathalie Larouche, Amos

I have lived here for 23 years and I knew no one. Thanks to this celebration, I now know my neighbours a little better!
A resident of Lac-des-seize-îles

Neighbours Day had a very positive effect on our neighbourhood. We were surprised by how many people participated and everyone was pleased that such a celebration had been organized in their neighbourhood. More than 30 neighbourhood residents volunteered to help neighbourhood residents have a good time. Draws, hotdogs, juice, games and face painting were part of the event and more than 250 people took part in the event! We were very proud of our event's success and we will certainly be there next year!
Julie Desfossés, Area Organizer
Un itinéraire pour tous, Montréal North

Some misconceptions are crumbling and there are more bonds now between two sectors in the neighbourhood. Residents feel like organizing other events together. Neighbours Day was a great time that made it possible to strengthen bonds of trust and friendship between tenants.
Association des locataires en HLM d’Asbestos

Promote and support the sustainable development of healthy communities and improve the quality of life residents.


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