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Tips for the Municipalities and
It’s a go? Your municipality has decided to participate in the good neighbours movement? Excellent! Here are some tips to help you promote Neighbours Day with residents.

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Get Your Local Organizations Involved
Recruit local players so they can become relays with their clients or members: local newspaper, community groups, sports centres, pharmacies, grocery stores, video stores, restaurants and of course the schools (children love a good party and they can help convince their parents!). Ask them to put up posters, hand out booklets to residents and have invitation cards on hand for those who want them.

Officially Launch Neighbours Day and Encourage Everyone to Participate

To give some weight to the event, the municipal council can adopt a resolution, officially announcing its participation to residents.

Promote Neighbours Day in your Community

Use all the means of communication at your disposal.

Here are a few ideas:

Conduct a Poster Campaign

Put up posters in strategic areas in your municipality (public places, libraries, billboards in stores, community groups, etc.).

Mention Neighbours Day in Your Local Newspaper or Municipal Newsletter

The tips for residents are particularly important to promote.

Hand Out as Many Resident Booklets as Possible

Ask your partners to carry some and hand them out. Insert them in your local newspaper.

Equip Residents Looking to Organize a Celebration

Tell residents where they can get the posters and invitation cards. When needed, help with road closures.

Take an Inventory of the Celebrations that Take Place

So as to measure how well Neighbours Day is doing, ask organizers to inform you of their event. Give them incentives. For example, in 2006, the City of Gatineau organized a draw for trees for residents who registered their event with the municipality.

Give Visibility to the Event and Congratulate your Residents

Invite the local media to cover the celebrations taking place in your area, especially those that the municipal councillors will have organized with their neighbours! Highlight the actions taken by your residents: ask them for photos and print their Neighbours Day accounts in your municipal newsletter or on your Web site. The more we talk about Neighbours Day, the more neighbours will want to join in next year.

Promote and support the sustainable development of healthy communities and improve the quality of life residents.


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