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Tips for Residents
The idea of organizing a Neighbours Day celebration has piqued your interest? Great!

Here are a few tips to help you make your celebration a success:

Talk it Over With Your Neighbours
Prepare the party with them, share ideas, divide up tasks... You’re bonding already!

Get What You Need
Get posters and invitation cards (to send out to your neighbours) from your municipality, if it is participating, or download them.

Get the Children Involved
Children love a good party. Get them involved in the preparation. You'll see, they have plenty of ideas. Give them responsibilities: decorating, greeting people, delivering the invitations, etc. Plan activities with them and for them: games, guided activities, music, etc.

Find the Right Place
Whether it is in the backyard of your house, the entryway, common room or yard of your building, pick an area that seems the most appropriate. Have a second option available to you if the weather does not cooperate. Do you live in an urban neighbourhood where there is little space available? Check with your municipality if it is okay to organize a celebration on the sidewalk or in the street (prior authorization is necessary).

Officially Invite Your Neighbours
Drop off the invitations in your neighbours’ mailboxes a few weeks before the big day.

Encourage Everyone to Participate in the Celebration
Come up with solutions for those who may have impediments preventing them from participating: child care, sickness, disability, isolation, etc.

The Feast
Neighbours Day is simple and everyone participates. Whether you organize your celebration as a cocktail party or a buffet, a good formula is to invite people to bring something to eat and drink. But do not make it a condition for participating. Depending on the formula you choose, the invitation cards have space where you can indicate the practical details of your celebration.

Create a Festive Atmosphere
Give some thought to decorating (garlands, balloons, flowers, etc.) and having music (perhaps there are some musicians among your neighbours). But be careful not to disturb neighbours who may not be participating in the celebration; this is not the day to pick a neighbourhood fight...

Put Yourself Out There
The day of the celebration, show your altruistic side, don’t be shy. The goal here is to better know your neighbours, take the first step and introduce yourself. Those who are too shy will certainly thank you for it.

Tell Everyone You’re Organizing a Party
Neighbours Day is hundreds of people who all at the same time are declaring the importance of being a good neighbour. To let people know that you are part of the movement, register your celebration.  If your municipality is participating, let it know as well.

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